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Location, Location, and Location Still Rules North Georgia House Hunts!

The wry observation that “the three most important things in real estate are location, location, and location” has been around for the better part of a century. The wisdom of that wisecrack is still undeniable—including for when it comes to buying North ... [read full post]
published December 10, 2018

Halloween Plot Twists to Frighten North Georgia House Buyers

Unless you are among those who are currently focused on the search for a new North Georgia house, this week’s Halloween celebration has probably captured a goodly bit of your attention. As Halloween night draws near, most other North Georgia residents find themselves pre ... [read full post]
published October 29, 2018

Counterintuitive Move before Selling Your North Georgia House

Long before you’ve decided to put your own North Georgia house up for sale, there is at least one step you can take that might make the whole project more financially rewarding. It’s a step that might seem to be counterintuitive—but when you consider the ... [read full post]
published October 22, 2018

New Smart Bathrooms Emerge to Help Sell Your North Georgia Home

When it comes to selling your North Georgia home, kitchens get the Grand Prize for being the room that gets the most attention. But it’s increasingly possible for bathrooms to give them a run for the money. Kitchens take first place because so much of a typical No ... [read full post]
published October 17, 2018

4 Reasons for Buying North Georgia Homes Now that Fall is Here

Throughout the country, spring and summer are when the most serious house hunting takes place. Springtime is, after all, the season when it just feels right to undertake major initiatives—and buying North Georgia homes certainly falls into that category.   But ... [read full post]
published September 25, 2018

How Do I Know if My North Georgia House is Priced Right?

Successful pricing strategies in any endeavor must take the competition into account—so when it comes to right-pricing your North Georgia home, that factor is at least as important as any other.  From the seller’s point of view, right-pricing starts wit ... [read full post]
published September 17, 2018

Selling Your North Georgia Home Warrants a Pre-Sale Inspection

If you’re selling your home in North Georgia this summer, there’s one piece of pre-sale advice that will almost always pay off: the pre-sale home inspection. You might be surprised to learn that many sellers elect not to take advantage of this service—but I can&rsqu ... [read full post]
published July 26, 2018

This Month, North Georgia Credit Scores May See Surprise Rises

It isn’t exactly Christmas-in-May, but for some North Georgia consumers, a valuable present they weren’t expecting will show up this month. The surprise gift will arrive in the form of a boost to their all-important credit score. The newly minted credit scores cou ... [read full post]
published May 21, 2018

Solved: When is the Best Time to Sell Your North Georgia House?

When is the best time for selling your North Georgia house? Is there even a best time? If the change in residence is triggered by some inflexible external factor (like a transfer at work), the answer is foreordained: NOW! That can be right now, or in November, or Februa ... [read full post]
published May 16, 2018

The Actual Cost of a Home Today: Surprising Facts

With home prices and interest rates on the rise, you’re likely to assume that the cost of that next North Georgia home you’re thinking about buying has made it a financial stretch—especially compared with “the good old days.” But news stories ten ... [read full post]
published May 2, 2018

Widespread Home Price Surge Encourages North Georgia Sellers

The experts seem to have gotten it slightly wrong. North Georgia real estate observers always expect a surge in activity when the spring buying season gets underway—an annual phenomenon that’s frequently accompanied by an uptick in prices paid. Because of optimis ... [read full post]
published April 23, 2018

North Georgia Homeowners Nearly Celebrate Tax Day 2018

The concept of “Tax Day” and “Celebration” aren’t often found in tandem—except for the sense of relief that follows after the past year’s federal returns are filed and done with. Tax Day falls on Tuesday this year, which gives eve ... [read full post]
published April 16, 2018

For North Georgia Home Furnishing Decisions, Classical is Safe

The majority of North Georgia homeowners make most home furnishing decisions piecemeal rather than in a single remodeling blitz. Even when you move to a new home, for practical reasons most of your household furnishings come with. Favorite pieces of furniture, art objects, and ... [read full post]
published April 9, 2018

North Georgia Easter: Is It Really Early This Year?

North Georgia real estate agents are like everyone else when it comes to Easter Sunday. There is the holiday part, the spiritual part, and the kids-searching-for-hidden-Easter-eggs part. The day can also serve as a sort of mental signpost that reads “Spring is her ... [read full post]
published March 26, 2018

North Georgia’s Calendar Delivers 6 Reasons It’s Selling Season!

This Tuesday, North Georgia calendars mark the first day of spring: the vernal equinox. The onset of astronomical spring doesn’t quite coincide with North Georgia’s real estate spring selling season, which most agree should be considered to start 12 days lat ... [read full post]
published March 19, 2018

National Home Prices Jump 37% Since 2014

When North Georgia homeowners sit down to plot out their household’s long-range financial plan, the value they ascribe to their North Georgia home usually deserves a leading role. As research firm Pulsenomics puts it, “changes in single-family home values can h ... [read full post]
published March 5, 2018

Becoming a Landlord in North Georgia: 3 Tips for Profitability

Anyone who has ever thought about becoming a landlord in North Georgia has probably been attracted by its distinct advantages as an investment. Owning a property that appreciates in value at the same time it generates cash flow is a hands-on investment with obvious appeal. Yet ... [read full post]
published February 19, 2018

Pssst! No Secrets for Selling Your North Georgia House

If you’ve learned to skip past onscreen click-me’s with hyperlinks reading, “Top 10 Secrets” or “Best Kept Secrets of the Pros,” you can usually rest assured that you’ve saved yourself some time. No matter whether the long-hidden sec ... [read full post]
published February 14, 2018

The Super Bowl and North Georgia Real Estate: Two Peas in a Pod?

Readers who check in here regularly know that every once in a while I’m moved to relate North Georgia real estate matters to various hot issues that are claiming the popular imagination. Such topics used to be called “water cooler talk” (but that was bef ... [read full post]
published January 29, 2018

Selling Your Home in North Georgia Calls for Project Restraint

If you are planning on selling your North Georgia home—perhaps as early as this spring—you’ve already begun to give thought to getting it in shape for photography and showings. Some of the most obvious projects will be the most important (cleaning and de- ... [read full post]
published January 22, 2018

The State of Mind Called “Christmas”

This holiday season finds North Georgia’s streets and stores humming with as much activity as has been seen for some time—which brings us to a particularly upbeat year’s end. Whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa that’s spelled out in ... [read full post]
published December 18, 2017

5+5 Heads-Ups Prevent North Georgia Winter Emergencies

Over the weekend, at the same time California’s Santa Ana winds were dealing chaos in the west, the premature arrival of winter weather was pounding the other side of the country compliments of Winter Storm Benji. The unprecedented December snowfall started in New ... [read full post]
published December 11, 2017

North Georgia Home Selling Negotiations are More than a Game

When it comes to appraising and developing appropriate responses to offers on your North Georgia home, I’m there to offer counsel and guidance. Even so, you are the ultimate decision maker. Especially for North Georgia homeowners without previous selling experience, bec ... [read full post]
published November 6, 2017

Timing Your North Georgia Home Sale Can Be Controversial

Hardly anyone decides to put their own North Georgia house up for sale without wondering whether there wouldn’t be a better time to do so. There are a couple of different ways to look at the timing of your North Georgia home’s sale—but only one of them is ... [read full post]
published October 31, 2017

Rx for North Georgia Real Estate Inspection Jitters

As worrisome physical symptoms go, house inspection jitters should not be worrisome in the least. Neither North Georgia home buyers or their counterparts (North Georgia home sellers) need be troubled if they find themselves awaiting the house inspector with mounting anx ... [read full post]
published October 10, 2017

Equifax Hack Victims Include North Georgia Homeowners

When news of the Equifax hack first broke, the credit ratings giant scrambled to minimize fallout from this massive personal information breach. After an initial embarrassing misstep (they tried to have affected consumers sign off on Equifax’s liability), the company mov ... [read full post]
published September 18, 2017

Eclipse in North Georgia: 99 Years in the Making, but…

By the beginning of North Georgia’s new week, Monday’s eclipse had been so thoroughly chronicled as having been “99 years in the making!” you could be forgiven for any anxiety that might result if you’d been unable to arrange to be where viewin ... [read full post]
published August 21, 2017

Long Term Strategic Thinking for Selling Your North Georgia Home

Selling your North Georgia home is never something you do on a whim. There can be rare situations when the decision to sell is a sudden one that’s forced by unexpected life circumstances (favorable or not)—but selling your North Georgia home is not likely to ... [read full post]
published August 14, 2017

North Georgia Mortgage Rates: Perception and Reality

North Georgia mortgage rates have been so low for such a long time that it would be surprising if area buyers didn’t begin to take them for granted. It’s only human nature. Addressing would-be home buyers who, though qualified, remain on the sidelines, government-s ... [read full post]
published August 14, 2017

The Transformation from Owning to Renting Your North Georgia Home

From our earliest days, everybody in North Georgia is inundated with tale of transformations. It started with those grade school day trips to science places with exhibits showing the improbable progression of fish (well, pollywogs) into frogs. There were nature TV shows wit ... [read full post]
published July 19, 2017

North Georgia Fourth of July Celebrations: Two Days Late?

This year we’re fortunate indeed: the calendar has cooperated with the spirit of the occasion to give Independence Day its proper import. With North Georgia’s Fourth of July festivities falling on a Tuesday, we avoid the vexing problem that crops up every tim ... [read full post]
published July 3, 2017

Selling North Georgia Homes Without Unwanted Baggage

There is no denying that the words “FIRE SALE!” and “CHEAP!” and “PRICES SLASHED!” and “GOING OUT OF BUSINESS!” have long been used to spur sales. Bargain hunters of all stripes are being asked to take a second look wherever th ... [read full post]
published May 22, 2017

North Georgia Homeowners (and Their Hefty Tax Advantages)

As this season’s controversies swirl through Washington, one of them seems likely to wind up being at the top of the heap: federal income taxes. Whether or not they will be simplified (hopefully) or lowered (ummm—probably?) will be sorted out in due time, but ... [read full post]
published May 18, 2017

SLAM Criteria for Comparing Houses for Sale in North Georgia

It’s called SLAM: an abbreviated approach that helps North Georgia house hunters to quickly sort through listed houses for sale. North Georgia homes that compare well using the SLAM categories warrant further investigation. The four parts of the SLAM list: Schools. The eventual resale value of a can ... [read full post]
published May 18, 2017

Same Ol’ List: Not Just for Those with Homes for Sale

It’s that time of year again when those of us who write about North Georgia homes for sale and related matters have a hard choice to make: do I run the risk of boring everyone to death by writing the same ol’ spring cleaning blog, or can we (please!) just ski ... [read full post]
published April 24, 2017

North Georgia Mortgage Interest Rates: Another Surprise

It usually takes at least some digging to come up with relevant news for North Georgia real estate watchers. Last week provided an exception. The boldest headlines, cable TV info crawls, and email announcements dealt with the unexpected move in mortgage interest rates. The ... [read full post]
published April 24, 2017

North Georgia Home Prices Get a Nobel Prize Treatment

The timing for when to sell a North Georgia home can be a decision that pretty much makes itself. Sometimes family demands call for a move to larger or smaller quarters; sometimes a change in career demands or a schooling decision dictates a residential switch. But there are ... [read full post]
published March 13, 2017

North Georgia Deck-Ponder Season to Begin in Earnest

Checking the calendar, Spring won’t officially kick off until March 20 when the celestial equinox happens. That same Monday will also officially signal the start of North Georgia’s annual real estate “hot” selling season. And although Major League Bas ... [read full post]
published February 28, 2017

Dawsonville Houses vs. Presidents’ Houses

This week, as usual, Dawsonville celebrates President’s Day on the 3rd Monday in February. Ideally, Dawsonville’s citizenry observes the holiday by recalling the indispensable contributions of Washington and Lincoln and other Presidential patriots. When you com ... [read full post]
published February 21, 2017
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